Interview with an Online TEFL teacher

Kelly Johnson gives an exclusive scope on her life as an online TEFL teacher.

Teaching in the Midwest of America, Kelly always knew she wanted to be a TEFL teacher. “It was my own experiences in education really,” Kelly explained.

She aims to be a passionate teacher in the workplace. “I aim to keep the kids motivated about learning.” It was from this passion that her motivation sparked, and her ambition to become a TEFL teacher quickly followed.

Not only passionate about TEFL, Kelly also does graphic design and illustration projects which help hone her creative side.

Kelly first started out by volunteering as an English tutor for a local centre in her area. “They provide services to immigrants who are new in the area.”

Moreover, at Kelly’s centre ESL classes are just one of the services that they offer new residents. “I loved it and decided to stick with it,” Kelly gushes. She found the experience a great way to learn about where her students had come from and their own life experiences.

It then became Kelly’s open window to begin teaching abroad. However, Kelly has seen a gap in the ever growing TEFL market. “The non-commute is great, and I know most other teachers would agree with this too!” Kelly’s other reason for opting to teach TEFL online is the growing demand for online teachers in schools and homes across America. “For students who are a little timid they have a chance to learn from the comfort of their own home.” Teaching online has also given Kelly the ability to be flexible with the hours that she works.

Kelly teaches a range of students from students who learn for business purposes, everyday English and even TOEIC or IELTS.


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  1. Interesting. I’m looking into online TEFL


    1. As a teacher? I think it’s still a very grey area in the world of TEFL so would love to talk to you about what interests you! I want this site to be a discussion for everyone so the more chats the better


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