Learn that language

Tips for TEFL teachers to immerse themselves in a new language.

Ah English. The lingua franca, the global language that everyone speaks – convenient right? Erm Wrong. Native English speakers have become somewhat disillusioned in their monolingual approach. But here are some simple tips on how anyone can learn a language in 2017, even if you haven’t quite mastered English just yet!

Duolingo, Rosetta Stone and the likes of other language learning apps have made it accessible and portable to learn a language. Made for the busy 21st Century lifestyle, levels on Duolingo are easy to complete and set realistic goals for even the most helpless language learner.

  • Books -yes they still exist. The classic textbook is a useful still used by many looking for a more ‘academic approach,’ to language learning. However, rest assured for those of us who don’t own a tweed blazer with elbow patches there are more novelty books out there to help practice those all-important crude phrases.
  • Tandom – people they also still exist past a smartphone screen. Tandem is an I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine sort of set up. Language cafes now litter big cities full of bilinguals ready to share their skills and talents across their own language repertoire – brush up on a few funny phrases and get ready to trade them out – it’s like playing Pokemon really!
  • Love Shakira? Enrique and Ricky Martin a bit of your thing? Start hitting up their music in their native Spanish it’s passionate fun and will get your dancing feet tapping away any day. It’s not just music but the mass media have also embraced bilingualism. Fancy a Netlfix binge – hit up Jane the Virgin where Spanish plays an important role in the functioning of this hilarious American sitcom.

Three easy ways to get your 2017 New Year’s language resolutions off to a flying start all ready for that post Brexit holiday in the costa del Cornwall.



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